We care about your promotion


Give Your Company A Voice!

Sending a promotional gift through the post is a great way to get the attention of your target audience – and even more so if it talks! 

That’s what our clever promotional video message cards do.  These direct mail audio cards land with your prospects and/or customers delivering a custom message about whatever you want to tell them.

The recipient simply opens the audio greetings card and the message instantly plays!

We’ll supply the fully customised audio card, so all you need to do is decide what you want the bespoke audio clip to say.

You could use an audio greeting card to introduce yourself, send an invitation or to thank someone. You can record your own audio message or choose from our catalogue of thousands of sound files. You could even have one of our professional voiceover artists create a special message on your behalf, which could involve singing, talking or even an impersonation!

Whatever message you want to voice, these innovative custom recorded promotional cards can help your company stay memorable for a long, long time!

We’ve supplied these talking cards to many different industry sectors as promotional items, and they seem to work exceptionally well for the retail industry.

Some of our character cards have even been featured on Good Morning Britain, just click the link to find out more.