We care about your promotion


A great way to get your corporate message
in front of your customers eyes!

We all need our businesses to be noticed, but in today’s competitive world it can be tough to get seen.

What you really need is a couple of minutes to showcase your business to your target audience, with something that will instantly captivate them and grab their full attention…

Well, we’ve got just the thing!

Our bespoke promotional video cards are a great way to put your company information directly into your prospects hands, in an exciting and memorable way.

Once opened, the outer packaging will reveal the video card, and your company video will automatically play once the promotional card cover is unfolded.

What you include in your video brochure is up to you…

You might want to send your latest corporate showreel to your prospects, or a personal message to your team members. You might want to include just one video on the video card, or several!

The choice is yours, as we can fully customise the video cards to suit your requirements, with a wide range of screen sizes, covers and outer packaging to choose from.  All the video cards boast the latest IPS technology and come with a charging cable and warranty.

You’ve only got a few short seconds to grab someone’s attention, so these video  cards are a great way to help you make that precious time count!

And if the saying about a picture being worth a thousand words is anything to go by, just imagine the power of one of these promotional video cards!

We’ve supplied corporate video cards to companies and organisations of all types and sizes, including advertising, marketing and PR agencies, printers and designers and ambitious small business owners. We love seeing how businesses come up with new and exciting ways to use these promotional video cards to get in front of their dream clients.

So, what would you show, and how would you customise yours?