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About Us

Iím Jessica Davanzo. And I make stuff happen.

Innovative stuff. Exciting stuff. The complete picture, because whatever you need branding, I can do it! From top to bottom all the way from pens and clothing through to watches, USB sticks, tools, torches, bags and jelly beans Ė I can put your brand where you never dreamed it could go and get it seen and loved!

No matter how large or small your organisation is (and by golly, Iíve got plenty of experience of working with both big corporations and smaller businesses) I give your brand the same personal care and attention. I wonít rest until Iíve found exactly the branding and promotional solution you need Ė right from the latest all-singing, all-dancing technological gadgetry through to tiny things that sparkle and delight. I thrive on finding exactly what you want.

Even if you donít know you want it yet!

And not only that, but if I canít find the perfect product for you, I can arrange to get it specially made for you. I specialise in branding solutions that are as bespoke and exclusive as you could possibly wish Ė that are as innovative and dynamic as your own business and put you head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to customer or client satisfaction. From high to low volume, I work hard to make sure that we can have lots of fun with your promotional branding and go as off the wall as you could possibly wish! And then some!

Iím not afraid to admit that I love a challenge. So much so that when I was recently asked to turn a Birmingham office into a country farmyard, I got to work and didnít stop until the lush green turf was laid, the hay bales were stacked and the life-size cardboard animals were in position. Perfect Ė right down to the last moo!

So, do you fancy challenging Jessica? Go on Ė put me to the test.

Let me make stuff happen for you.

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